‘The Simpsons’ Predicted A Donald Trump Presidency 16 Years Ago

Ross A. Lincoln

Well, it happened: Businessman and former reality TV host Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States. If you voted for Trump, congratulations. If you didn’t, well it hasn’t been a fun night. If it feels like the plot of a TV show come to life, there’s a great reason for that. No, not Black Mirror, but The Simpsons, which hilariously – at the time – predicted a Trump presidency back in 2000 in the season 11 outing Bart to the Future. The episode sees Bart Simpson being given a vision of the future 30 years on, in which his sister Lisa has just been elected President, while he, naturally, is a 40-year old slacker. Lisa has naturally taken office just after the disastrous Presidency of her predecessor, revealed in a throw-away joke to have been Donald Trump. See the clip above, and, depending on your political affiliation, enjoy — or weep.


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