Shooting Underway for Eli Roth's 'Clown' Horror Movie (Exclusive)

The Hollywood Reporter
Shooting Underway for Eli Roth's 'Clown' Horror Movie (Exclusive)

Eli Roth is making sure you find clowns scary, enlisting Peter Stormare and Laura Allen in the killer clown movie he is producing for Dimension.

Production has begun in Ottawa, Canada on Clown, a low-budget horror movie Roth is producing with Cody Ryder and Robert Menzies.

Stormare and Allen are joining Andy Powers who is starring as a father who dons a clown outfit for his son’s birthday when the clown-for-hire bails. He and his family soon discover that he only can’t take it off, there’s a horrific curse behind it.

Allen wil play the wife while Stormare is an expert steeped in clown lore.  

Jon Watts is directing a script he co-wote with C.D. Ford.

Christian Distefano, Elizabeth Whitmere and Matthew Stefiuk are also among the cast.

Stormare, repped by ICM Partners and the Collective, last appeared in Mel Gibson's Get the Gringo and with Guy Pearce in Lockout and will be seen next in The Last Stand with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Allen, repped by Gersh and Impression Entertainment, was a regular on NBC's Awake and FX's Terriers.

Powers, repped by manager Scotty Kreindler, has appeared in TV shows such as Oz and ER.