'Sharknado' Takes a Big Bite From Hollywood Tweeters

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'Sharknado' Takes a Big Bite From Hollywood Tweeters

The premiere of SyFy's TV movie "Sharknado," about a tornado full of sharks, took a major bite out of social media.

Twitter blew up with joy -- and jokes -- in response to Thursday night's thriller with the ridiculous premise and a cast that includes Ian Ziering and Tara Reid. At 5,000 tweets per minute, it was the "most social" program of the night and Syfy's most social telecast ever, the network said.

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How popular was it? Here's a look at how the terms "sharknado," "shark" and "Tara Reid" performed over the last week and the past 24 hours, according to social analytics tracker Topsy.

Note that we approach peak "Sharknado" just before 8 p.m. ET, with 94,417 mentions of the three terms combined (click on images to see a larger version):


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And here's what Hollywood and the media had to say:

As of this writing, #Sharknado is still getting a lot of play on the social media site.

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