Sen. Bernie Sanders Calls Out Media for Election Coverage

Superfan TV

On Tuesday's Conan, Senator Bernie Sanders had some sharp criticism of the media during and after the election. He specifically called out network and cable news media, saying, "What media loved was the fact that Trump would say one absurd thing after another, ugly things about people we have never heard before from a presidential candidate. That was great TV. CNN's ratings went way up. "

Sanders went on to explain that the media has been doing a poor job of informing the public on issues that genuinely affect millions of Americans. He said, "Turn on network news tonight and watch it for the next year. See how much coverage there is about climate change, which is threatening the existence of the entire planet"

Thankfully, Senator Sanders said that those who watch the news have the power to fix the problem. "I think the American people have got to demand more out of media. The American people have got to demand that media talk about the issues that impact our lives."