'Galaxy' Quest: More Deep Space Shenanigans in New 'Guardians' Video

Gwynne Watkins

Select audiences got a sneak peek of 17 minutes from the upcoming superhero adventure Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday. But for everyone who didn’t make it to a screening, there’s a new extended trailer that gives a fuller picture of our merry band of space badasses and shows just how different this movie will be from the summer’s other superhero fare. An adaptation of the offbeat Marvel comic, Guardians (in theaters Aug. 1) tells the story of five outcasts who battle evil in space. The group boasts a leader who’s more Han Solo than Luke Skywalker, and the film has a scrappy, rugged quality with none of the shiny edges that characterize an Iron Man or Thor. Star Chris Pratt, who plays the wannabe hero Peter Quill (a.k.a. Star-Lord), told Yahoo Movies last year, “You’ll definitely see that humor through the course of this movie, All the best big adventure movies have comedy, like all the Indiana Jones movies and Romancing the Stone.” 

In addition to Pratt, Zoe Saldana heads up the cast as no-nonsense alien warrior Gamora, and WWE wrestler Dave Bautista plays Drax the Destroyer, a human turned vengeance-obsessed superhero. The most intriguing Guardians, though, are the ones who bear no resemblance to their human actors: Rocket, the trash-talking mercenary raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper, and Groot, the fighting tree creature voiced by Vin Diesel. These two computer-animated creatures were thought to be the riskiest proposition in the film, but they’ve arrived as characters with distinct personalities. The extended video’s highlight is a short but hilarious bit of banter between Star-Lord and Rocket, in which the raccoon mocks his colleague for having only “12 percent of a plan.” Groot puts in his two cents, using his one phrase: “I am Groot.” (Think of him as the Marvel equivalent of Game of Thrones’ Hodor.)

The new clip, set to the Runaways’ garage-punk anthem “Cherry Bomb,” shows off a few other characters recognizable to fans of the comic. The hooded man with the laser-blasting hammer is the film’s main villain, Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace). We also get brief glimpses of another villain, Nebula (the bald woman with the swords, played by Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan) and the blue-skinned Guardians ally Yondu (Michael Rooker). The biggest bad guy in the Guardians universe, Thanos, will be voiced by Josh Brolin — and while it’s unclear how much he’ll be featured in this movie, audiences already got a good look at Thanos in the end credits of The Avengers.