Scarlett Johansson Wields Gun, Brain Power in Exclusive Red-Band ‘Lucy’ Clip

Kevin Polowy
Senior Editor

Playing the Black Widow in Iron Man 2 and Captain America: Winter Soldier, audiences saw Scarlett Johansson put on some fine displays of acrobatic combat — but still playing second fiddle to Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans.

In Luc Besson’s new thriller Lucy, we (finally) get to see ScarJo take assume the role of lead butt-kicker. Johansson plays a woman forced into drug muling for the mob – when an experimental narcotic implanted into her body starts to leak, she’s transformed into a superhuman with off-the-chart physical and mental capacities. (Think the 2011 Bradley Cooper movie Limitless, but reshaped as a vengeance tale with much, much more action.)

You can get a sampling of that action in the red-band clip above, which finds Johansson’s titular heroine forcing her way into operating room and demanding the surgeons remove the drug manipulating her mind and body. (But why? It seems so cool.) Either way, John Q would be proud.

Lucy opens July 25.