Sarah Paulson Performs Hillary Clinton’s Emails On Samantha Bee’s Election Eve ‘Full Frontal’

Lisa de Moraes

UPDATED with video: Samantha Bee devoted one segment of her Election Eve Full Frontal to a discussion of Dem presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails.

“You want to talk about emails instead of policy. Fine let’s do it!” she said. “Thanks to a heroic transparency fetishist, who refuses to tell Swedish authorities if he raped someone,we already know what Hillary’s staff used emails for…like receiving pointless tip-offs from Donna Brazile. Oh, really Donna? Someone from the Flint town hall is going to ask about Flint? Great use of a leak, Dumbthroat.”

Thanks to multiple investigations of the former Secretary of State’s emails, we have discovered the “real” Hillary, Bee said:  “a somewhat tech-averse workaholic who wants people to have medicine and wants her staff to print out this television show for her – large font please.”

Then Bee introduced Full Frontal’s Best Intern, Sarah Paulson, to perform her one woman show, Hillary’s Emails:

“One issue we must address Tuesday night: the future of women in the Islamic world….”



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