Sarah Palin Pushes Christmas Book During Fox News Return (Video)

Greg Gilman
The Wrap

Sarah Palin returned to the Fox News Channel on Monday for the first time since parting ways with the network in January, and took advantage of the platform to announce her new book about Christmas.

During an eight-minute chat on "Fox & Friends," Palin said she was "doing great" and busy writing "a book about Christmas and pushing back on the politically correct who would try to take the Christ out of Christmas."

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"We talk a lot about that in the book," the former Vice Presidential nominee continued. "Kind of a legalese how to push back and protect the heart of Christmas, and at the same time, a very festive and happy and jolly book about tradition and recipes and fun things about Christmas."

It didn't take long for Palin to get back to business and "preach to the choir" about the government being too big, and especially in the wake of Edward Snowden's NSA leaks, too intrusive.

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"I really don't think that Snowden is the issue, though, in any of this. I think that the issue, again, is that government is so large and so intrusive in all aspects of life that we need more revelations," Palin said. "We need more truth about what our administration is doing so that we can hold our government, that works for us, accountable."

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