Sandra Lee's Halloween Costumes

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Sandra Lee's Halloween Costumes

Sandra Lee is a big fan of Halloween!

The cook, author, Food Network star and girlfriend of Andrew Cuomo dressed up in seven different costumes for her one-hour Halloween Special, Sandra Lee's Halloween Wonderland, airing Oct. 23 at 9 a.m. on Food Network.


"I have a great passion for holidays because I have such a joy for celebrating them," Lee, 45, tells Us Weekly exclusively. "I think a lot of adults kind of lose enthusiasm for those holidays when they grow up because they enjoy them just as a child."

But Lee didn't get glammed up by herself! Mark Payne applied her makeup, and Alx Galasinao styled her hair. Then Ed Ouellette Photography immortalized the different looks in stunning photos.

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"I've never done anything as wild as the Mad Hatter before," she says, describing her favorite costume. "That was pretty elaborate. It took four hours to become the Mad Hatter."

Another favorite costume is Marie Antoinette -- "because she is very misunderstood."

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To transform into Antoinette, Lee couldn't find a corset tight enough. "So we had to use duct tape, which by the way, was a huge mistake because when you take duct tape off your back, it takes the skin with it!" she said. "Very painful. But it's okay. I looked cool."

To see all of her elaborate costumes -- including Cher, Ann Revenge, The Mad Hatter and Aunt Sandy Claus -- tune in to Sandra Lee's Halloween Wonderland, airing Oct. 23 at 9 a.m. on Food Network. Prepare to be bewitched!

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