Samantha Bee Explains How White People Ruined America

Superfan TV

During a fiery opening segment on Samantha Bee’s post-election episode of Full Frontal, the angry comedian blasted white voters for putting Donald Trump in the White House instead of Hillary Clinton. The late night host then cited demographic splits, noting that 63 percent of white men voted for Trump, as did, you guessed it..white women. Bee ponders with America how the election went so differently than people thought it would. She also goes after people who are saying that the election will at least be good for comedy, because, no, that is not how this works.

No one brings the righteous anger like Samantha Bee, and her post-election frustration did not disappoint. But finally, Bee closed her passionate monologue by highlighting significant victories for female candidates on Election Day, and then made one final plea to white women for elections to really step up before karma gets them all.