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Justin Timberlake is Back in the Studio!

Justin Timberlake threw the Twitter-verse into a tailspin last night when he used 140 characters to tease: "Thursday, January 10th, 2013 at 9:01 am PST..."

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Obviously, fans were holding out that this morning would bring the announcement of new music ... and that's exactly what we got!

In a video he released, called Countdown, Timberlake says, "Someone asked me the other day, 'So are you just done with music?' Thankfully the answer is no as the video ends with the SexyBack singer stepping into the recording studio!

"I don't want to put anything out that I don't love. You just don't get that every day. You have to wait for it." And while we're clearly still months -- if not years -- away from new tunes, it's exciting that the wait is finally over.

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