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WATCH: 'Stoker' GIF Suggests 'The Paperboy' Isn't The Only Movie Involving Nicole Kidman And Pee

I missed Stoker at the Sundance Film Festival, where the buzz was decidedly mixed, but based on the first GIF posted the below the jump, Chan-wook Park's thriller looks like it may be the second movie of that last year that stars Nicole Kidman and features a weird urination scene.  Unlike The Paperboy, in which Kidman pees on the face of Zac Efron to treat him for a jellyfish sting, Mia Wasikowska appears to be the one shaking the dew off her lily, so to speak. That's an educated guess, though because all that's seen in the GIF are a pair of saddle shoes and a puddle.

Fox Searchlight is posting these clips — and correspondence depicting memorable lines from the movie — at,  (Wasikowska plays India Stoker in the movie, and the website helps establish why, as the trailer shows, she's going to be a barrel of fun by the time she's an adult. Here are some of the more unusual GIFs from the site:

WATCH: 'Stoker' GIF Suggests 'The Paperboy' Isn't The Only Movie Involving Nicole Kidman And Pee

I don't see any jellyfish there, do you? And here's the devil-in-training making a snow angel on her bed:

Stoker GIFs

And here, Wasikowska manages to even chew her food with smoldering malevolence:

Stoker GIFs

Put those all together, read the postcards and letters on the site, and you won't be surprised when you see young India is shouldering a sniper rifle in this trailer.


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