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WATCH: Noomi Rapace Doesn't Move Anything Like Jagger In New Rolling Stones Video

WATCH: Noomi Rapace Doesn't Move Anything Like Jagger In New Rolling Stones Video

Noomi Rapace

Ahem. So, if you could just take your eyes off Noomi Rapace's naked breasts for a damn second, I'd like to ask you a question. Is it me  or is the Prometheus star a terrible dancer?   Compelling actor, yes — with a face that demands my attention every time she's on screen. But check out that weird kind of heaving motion she makes when she's imitating Mick Jagger in Jonas Akerlund's music video for "Doom and Gloom."  What the hell is that?

I mean, every two-bit stand-up comic beginning with Richard Belzer (remember when he was funny?)  can imitate Jagger's rooster strut, but Rapace seems to be having a hard time even getting in sync with the music. (In a way, I  don't blame her. This song may be on the band's latest greatest hits collection, but it ain't great, even if it becomes a hit.)

And then there's that Flashdance-like scene where you can't really tell if it's her or a stand-in.  (Have You Seen Your Stand-In Baby, Standing in the Shadow?)   Maybe that's some kind of ironic take on the fact that Jennifer Beals had a stand-in for her dance scenes in the original.

The quick-cutting is another clue.  You would think that shots of Rapace dancing in a Stones video would be a selling point. Okay, maybe not as big a draw as her bare breasts, but sensual enough that the camera would be lingering a little longer as she lets her freak flag fly.

Unless it was a little too freaky.

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments section.

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