WATCH: Look At This S#&t! James Franco Inspires 'Oz'-'Spring Breakers' Mash-Up

Frank DiGiacomo
March 20, 2013

Look at this shit! It's Wednesday afternoon, and time for The Franco File, Movieline's daily — at least for this week — coverage of James Franco's genre- and gender-bending multimedia artistry.  On Monday, I brought you, "Hangin'With Da Dopeboys,"  the JF-directed video from Florida rapper Dangeruss, who inspired the actor's Alien character in Spring Breakers. On Tuesday, it was time for another Franco-helmed clip for his band Daddy. And today?  Another clip!  But this one's more of a rap video, in which Franco does a turn-off-your-cellphones PSA for the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX that riffs on one of Alien's Spring Breakers monologues and references key moments from Pulp Fiction and Spider-Man. The video has like three endings, too, which is part of Franco's I'm-flying-on-instruments genius.

Look at this shit!

Now, look at this shit:

Thighs Wide Shut has put together a most excellent Oz The Great and Powerful meets Spring Breakers mash-up video that will most surely make Franco jealous that he did not think of it first.  It's called Oz Breakers:

That was fun, with a capital F, as in...Franco!  Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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