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Stephen Colbert Geeks Out With Ian McKellen to Start 'Hobbit Week' (Video)

Ian McKellen: 'Silly' Stephen Colbert Cracked Under 'Hobbit' ExcitementIan McKellen: 'Silly' Stephen Colbert Cracked Under 'Hobbit' Excitement

All hail King Geek.

Stephen Colbert turned his Manhattan studio into the cozy tree trunk home of Bilbo Baggins on Monday, setting the mood for what should be an exuberant celebration of all things Hobbit over the next four days. A self-pronounced superfan of the magical works of J.R.R. Tolkien, and Peter Jackson's film adaptations, Colbert began the show by speaking in Elvish and showing off some of his favorite souvenirs from the set of the upcoming trilogy, grinning in delight throughout. He also played with the stories that escalated from his having a bit part in the films (which THR reported) to another website calling him the series' star.

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After showing off a map that turned New York into Middle Earth -- including Smaug Street (a knock at Wall Street), Green Witch Village and the Mutton Packing District -- Colbert then welcomed Sir Ian McKellen onto the show.

The host couldn't help but show off his Hobbit knowledge to the man who has played Gandalf throughout the series, and playfully ribbed him about his previous work. Colbert then dropped into his conservative pundit character to grill McKellen on his gay rights advocacy, leading the famed actor to add that in the next film, instead of Gandalf the Grey, he'll be playing Gandalf the Gay.