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Michael Haneke Has Little 'Amour' For Parody Twitter Account

Michael Haneke Has Little 'Amour' For Parody Twitter Account


Amour director Michael Haneke is aware of the parody Twitter account that bears his name, and, as you might expect from a filmmaker who's made an incredibly intense, Oscar-nominated film about love, life and death, he's not too worked up about it. 

@Michael_Haneke has been live on the social media site since November and has amassed more than 15,000 followers by adopting a voice that couldn't be more at odds with the 70-year-old Austrian filmmaker's bleak, unsentimental perspective:  The Twitter-verse version of Haneke sounds like a tequila-drinking, hip-hop-loving frat boy twink who's as contemporary as the real director is old school. He also loves to zing Terrence Malick, to remind Ben Affleck that he was not nominated for a Best Director Oscar and to gloat over the five Oscar nominations that Amour got on Jan. 10.

That means a lot of laughs, although Haneke doesn't necessarily see the humor in it.  At the Golden Globes on Sunday night, The Los Angeles Times asked the real Haneke about the Twitter parody, and the director told the paper that his students at the Vienna Film Academy where he teaches, "said there was a weird Twitter account." Then he added: "But I'm not that interested in that kind of thing. It's not for me."

He doesn't sound all that incensed, and he shouldn't be. If you have a sense of humor, the fake Michael Haneke is one funny dude:

agh im in los angelies and i left my saruman tunic back in vienna!!1! i was gona punk the guy at kfc lol—
Michael Haneke (@Michael_Haneke) January 14, 2013

. @benaffleck well dun 4 winnin best director last nite. best of luck at the oscars. o wait, jst rememburd ur not nominaytid. my bad lol—
Michael Haneke (@Michael_Haneke) January 14, 2013

heres me havin a secret nap wen @benaffleck was doin his speech! wot did i miss? did he announce daredevil 2 yet lol
Michael Haneke (@Michael_Haneke) January 15, 2013

i jst got an amour tshirt made. it says "i made a film about strokes + all i got was this tshirt, a parms dorz + 5 oscar nominayshuns" lol—
Michael Haneke (@Michael_Haneke) January 11, 2013

on my roof drinkin tequila and screemn the lyrix 2 'i got 5 on it' but im changin 'on it' to 'oscar nominayshuns' lol #friday
Michael Haneke (@Michael_Haneke) January 11, 2013

Oh yeah, and Ellen Page digs him too:

A tweet from you is an honor sir
“@Michael_Haneke: thx 4 the follow. ur purformans in junebug is the reeson i has a hamburgr fone lol”—
Ellen Page (@EllenPage) January 15, 2013

[Los Angeles Times]

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