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John Oliver Suggests Fast Food Workers Give Fox News Pundits the Special Sauce Treatment (Video)

Fast food workers are striking for minimum wage increases, but, as John Oliver pointed out on Thursday's "Daily Show," Fox Business Network thinks that would be another step towards socialism.

Oliver noted that the fact that some of the striking workers were adults with children to feed only made FBN anchors more angry that they would demand more money with which to support those children.

"Somehow it was McDonald's responsibility to feed her kids no matter how many she has," said one.

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"You're talking about an adult, not a poodle!" Oliver said. "I'm so sick of these get-rich welfare mothers asking for handouts, mooching paychecks from their employers in exchange for the work they've just done for them."

Oliver then turned to Tracy Byrnes, who angrily told minimum wage workers that they should try to get promoted rather than demand higher wages that "share the wealth" like socialists do.

But Byrnes is not without sympathy for low-paid workers. In a clip from 2010, Byrnes snapped at a guest rallying for tax increases on the rich that "$250,000 is not rich ... for a family of four sending kids to college. It actually is close to poverty."

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With that, Oliver suggested that fast food workers take note of the people who were adamantly against increasing their wages, just in case any of them happened to stop by a fast food restaurant. "I'm not saying you should give them the special sauce. I'm just saying I think it's pretty clear they deserve it."

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