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'Iron Man 3,' 'Fast 6' Dominate Malaysia Box Office in 2013

Iron Man 3 dominated the Malaysian box office in 2013, pulling in nearly $14 million, well ahead of Fast & Furious 6 in second place at $9.86 million.

Hollywood tentpoles cleaned house in Malaysia throughout the year, winning the top 20 spots in the annual box office rankings, according to numbers supplied by the Creative Content Association of Malaysia.

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Thor, G.I. Joe and Man of Steel rounded out the top five, pulling in $8.81 million, $7.08 million and $6.51 million respectively.

Among homegrown films, Limah Goes Home 2 was the highest grossing title, earning $1.79 million. As is typical in the territory, genre fare led the field for Malay- and Chinese-language cinema, with broad comedies, horrors and gangster flicks populating the local top ten list.

KL Gangster 2 from director Syamsul Yusof – a prequel to his KL Gangsters (2011), which is Malaysia's highest grossing film of all time -- came in second for the year with $1.51 million.

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The highest grossing Chinese language film was The Wedding Diary 2 in third place with $1.40 million.

Malaysia's total box office for 2013 looks set to come in just under the 2012 tally. In 2012, total box office was $186.30 million (RM607.73 million). Malaysia's box office total through November – numbers for December will be available soon -- was $160.58 million.


2013 Malaysia Box Office Overall Top 10

1) Iron Man 3, $13.90 million

2) Fast & Furious 6, $9.86 million

3) Thor: The Dark World, $8.81 million

4) G.I. Joe: Retaliation, $7.08 million

5) Man of Steel, $6.35 million

6) The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, $5.24 million

7) World War Z, $5.07 million

8) Pacific Rim, $5.07 million

9) Despicable Me 2, $4.88 million

10) The Wolverine, $3.88 million


2013 Malaysia Box Office Top 10 Local Films

1) Limah Goes Home 2 (Husin, Mon & Jin Pakai Toncit), $1.79 million (5.89 million Malaysian ringgit)

2) KL Gangster 2, $1.51 million (RM4.96 million)

3) The Wedding Diary 2, $1.40 million (RM4.61 million)

4) Once Upon a Time, $1.40 million (RM4.61 million)

5) Rock OO, $1.20 million (RM3.95 million)

6) Adnan Sempit, $1.20 million (RM3.94 million)

7) Highland Tower, $1.07 million (RM3.52 million)

8) KL Zombie, $897,000 (RM2.95 million)

9) Ustaz, Mu Tunggu Aku Datang, $883,000 (RM2.88 million)

10) Juvana, $870,000 (RM2.86 million)