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Are Hollywood Millionaires Ruining Kickstarter? Let's Ask the Internet

Twitter exploded Wednesday with the news that Zach Braff, former "Scrubs" star and emo "Garden State" director, had launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his next movie in the wake of Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas' successful "Veronica Mars" campaign on the same crowdfunding platform.

By mid-afternoon, Braff was half-way to his $2 million goal. But passions were running high against the campaign on social media, with a sizable contingent questioning whether wealthy celebrities should use a platform favored by those without similar financial access.

Filmmaker Tony Rocha implored people not to give Braff money for his project. "Please do not give Zach Braff your money," he tweeted.

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Bill Spence tweeted that he hoped Kickstarters gives "me as much publicity when I put my pitch up," while prolific YouTube filmmaker Freddie Wong deemed the actual project disappointing. He suggested Kevin Smith, Werner Herzog and Wes Anderson as good candidates for crowdfunding. 

Others were more supportive, with Courteney Cox, Joel McHale and Samantha Barks urging their followers to get involved in "Wish I Was Here." In a video on Kickstarter, Braff explained that he's raising money to ensure creative freedom. He said he has been able to attract backers for the film, but they want final cut and casting approval in return for putting up the money.

Internet wags could not resist taking some shots at the campaign and Braff.

"I have never seen so much hatred toward Kickstarter/crowdfunding in a single day," tweeted Ben Leach.

Here are some sample tweets:


congrats to rich & successful actor zach braff who has raised $332,522 on kickstarter which is $332,520 more than i have in my bank account

— boxcar (@pilotbacon) April 24, 2013

Zach Braff fleecing his way-less rich fanbase to fund another diarrhea geyser named Garden State is why I roll my eyes at Kickstarter.

— Joe Somar (@joesomar) April 24, 2013

UGH. @kickstarter is not great. celebs using it is the worst -- People! Please do not give @zachbraff your money!…

— Meagan Spangler (@MegSpang) April 24, 2013

Starting a Kickstarter in hopes of raising enough money to never have to hear from Zach Braff again

— Matt Raz (@mattRAZ) April 24, 2013

Apparently Zach Braff and his pals don't have enough money to pull 2 mill together. Right.…

— Philip Summers (@shamoozal) April 24, 2013

Zach Braff, Wealthy Actor, Begs People For Money Via Kickstarter:

— Performing Arts(@BLOUIN_PA) April 24, 2013

why is zach braff (net worth $22 million) launching a kickstarter to make a new movie

— Kelly (@marketableskill) April 24, 2013

Here's the thing: I've heard Zach Braff in interviews & he comes of as super nice & humble. But he's also rich & doesn't need Kickstarter.

— Matt T. (@mtraeg) April 24, 2013

when did #kickstarter become source of money gifts for rich people & businesses too greedy to share profits…

— 1000 Days Of Ramen (@1000daysoframen) April 24, 2013

"Waah! I want to kiss Natalie Portman again but no one will pay for it. So you do it!" - Zach Braff & his dumb kickstarter

— Jeff Lyons (@usedwigs) April 24, 2013

Dear @zachbraff : Once your fans are done giving, please steer them to Kickstarter projects that don't have the benefit of a famous name.

— Sam Adams (@SamuelAAdams) April 24, 2013

It's too bad one can't cut a check directly to Zach Braff's vanity and spare actual fans of Film this nausea-inducing kickstarter campaign.

— Frederick W Shannon (@fwshannon) April 24, 2013