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First 4 Minutes of 'Warm Bodies': Experience Life as a Zombie (Video)

According to the first four minutes of Summit Entertainment's "Warm Bodies," life is (as you may have guessed) pretty boring for a zombie.

Between all of the monotonous grr-ing and argh-ing, there's not much to do except walk around and reminisce about life, which is exactly what Nicholas Hoult ("X-Men: First Class") does in the beginning of the latest film from director Jonathan Levine ("50/50").

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There is some excitement to be had, though.

They get a little nervous when they shuffle past "bonies," who appear to be surprisingly limber for skeletons. To add a new element to the genre, these nasty creatures that "eat anything with a heartbeat" are the next step in the evolution of the walking dead.

The zom-com, which follows zombie Hoult falling in love with the daughter of the man heading the human resistance (John Malkovich), hits theaters just ahead of Valentine's Day on Feb. 1. 

Here are the first four minutes: