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Call the Fashion Police: Tom Hardy Has Been Wearing Elton John’s Clothes

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Call the Fashion Police: Tom Hardy Has Been Wearing Elton John’s Clothes

Tom Hardy and Elton John (Credit: DDA Public Relations)

Tom Hardy is taking Method acting to a whole new level — and by "whole new level" we mean raiding Elton John's closet.

The 36-year-old "Dark Knight Rises" and "Inception" star will play as the music icon in the upcoming biopic, "Rocketman," and as part of his preparation, he's been wearing the singer's actual clothes. He even asked to borrow Elton's watch.

The pair met at Cannes back in May, and reportedly really hit it off. We're guessing it was sometime after that when Hardy asked Captain Fantastic if he could try on a few things. Apparently, the London-born Hardy has a penchant for the singer's distinctive Adidas tracksuits. And while Elton has been criticized for this ... um ... "style," it's probably worth noting that he does occasionally class up these athletic duds by pairing them with designer sneakers priced at nearly $600. No word on what kind of kicks Hardy sports with these stripes.

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Hardy's casting was announced just a few weeks back and was met with mixed reactions. With his strapping frame and many tattoos, he's not exactly the most obvious choice. Still, his talent can't be denied, and, most importantly, Elton — who is an executive producer on the film — seems to approve. (Even though early reports indicated the icon really wanted Justin Timberlake for the titular role.) John and Hardy even made the rounds together at the American Film Market event in Los Angeles last week.

Tom Hardy and Elton John

Elton John wearing a trademark tracksuit. (Credit: FilmMagic)

Director Michael Gracey will be working off a script penned by "Billy Elliot" scribe, Lee Hall, and shooting is slated to begin next fall. In the meantime, details remain sparse, but the powers-that-be behind the project are starting to get pretty fired up.

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"Everyone knows and loves Elton John's music, but the true story of his life is so incredible that it can only be described as a fantasy," Gracey explained. "His journey from impossible dreamer to stardom and uncontrollable excess is something only a musical film can capture, and I'm so excited to be the one to tell his story."

While we'll have to wait and see if Hardy can successfully transform into this living legend, one thing is for sure: He's going to be looking good as he gears up for this role of a lifetime. Also, he probably has a pretty nice watch on.

As for what other getups we very possible could see Hardy sporting — in the movie, but also just on the street — take a look: