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'Breaking Bad' Gets Ice Skating Tribute With Help From Vince Gilligan (Video)

Breaking ice is no longer merely slang for what Walt and Jesse do after cooking a batch of meth on Breaking Bad.

It's also the title of a new Breaking Bad-themed ice skating tribute. The project is the brainchild of Sharidan Sotelo, an assistant editor on Breaking Bad and an ice skating enthusiast. She conceived it as being in the vein of dream ballets ala musicals such as Oklahoma and An American in Paris, in which the dances reflect what is going on with the characters.

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She had lots of help from the Breaking Bad staff, including show creator Vince Gilligan, who operated a camera on the set. Breaking Bad composer Dave Porter was also among those on hand during the shoot and composed new music specifically for a piece featuring Jane and Jesse.

"I told Vince about my idea from the get-go. Vince was incredibly supportive," Sotelo tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Never in my wildest dreams did I think this vision would become reality. I mean what show does a figure skating interpretation of itself, and gets it blessed by the creator of the series?  The reason Breaking Ice exists is because Vince is the man!"

The crew primarily shot at Pickwick Ice in Burbank, getting everything in three-and-a-half hours. Sotelo thinks there's plenty of material for future Breaking Bad ice routines. She is currently the artistic director of Ice Repertory Theatre, a Theater on Ice team which has competed at on the national level.

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"Next season for Adult Nationals, I want to do my solo dramatic number as The Three Stages of Heisenberg, with a little 'Ozymandias' sprinkled in for flavor," Sotelo says.

She adds that there are many more story possibilities available now that the show has concluded (the routine was shot during season 4.)

"I would love to see portraits of the two marriages,  Skyler and Walt, and Hank and Marie. The aftermath of Walt Jr. and baby Holly could be gut wrenching.  And the comedy gold of barrel-rolling, explosions, and Huell and Kuby on a money bed -- and on and on."

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