‘Rogue One’ Final Trailer Breakdown

Will Lerner

The final Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer has been released, and with it, a bunch of new information about the much-anticipated movie. Time’s a wastin’, so let’s break it down and go over the top five things we noticed.

1) More on Mads

We know more about Mads Mikkelsen’s character. Back in April, the Danish actor accidentally revealed that he was playing Jyn Erso’s father. Now we know that he is a scientist kidnapped by the Empire to work on its Death Star.

2) Ben Meddle-sohn

Ben Mendelsohn also had his character, Orson Krennic, fleshed out more. We knew he was our antagonist, but since he was the Empire officer who stole away Dad Erso, it makes Jyn’s mission all that more personal.

3) Erso you say?

Jyn Erso herself has been given more context. We know why she’s the one the Rebellion has picked to send on this top-secret mission. Also, she wears a funny helmet. That’s fun.

4) Sensational visuals

There are some really awesome quick visuals worth noting. There’s a Jedi statue wasting away in a desert, a promise of a space battle, and of course, Darth Vader.

5) Star Wars Has Us Starry-Eyed

And then, finally, we have more evidence that this will be the most beautifully shot Star Wars yet. Director Gareth Edwards and cinematographer Greig Fraser have already had some impressive-looking material in previous trailers, and this final spot provided even more.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be in theaters on Dec. 16.

In August, Riz Ahmed Revealed Some of the Struggles of Filming Rogue One:

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