Robert De Niro Says He Can't Punch Donald Trump in the Face Anymore

The Hollywood Reporter

Robert De Niro is not going to follow through on his viral video threat to punch Donald Trump, the actor told Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live!

"You could now get arrested for that, I think," said Kimmel of attacking the president-elect.

"I can't do that now; he's president," said De Niro. "And I have to respect that position, though I… " He trailed off.

"I just have to see what he's going to do and how he's really going to follow through on certain things," De Niro continued. "And as we even see now in a lot of cities, there's a lot of people getting very upset and protesting."

Kimmel said he doesn't see what the point is of protesting at this point, adding that he thinks President Obama is speaking from his own experience when he says that we're all on the same team.

"But occasionally teammates do punch each other in the face," joked Kimmel.

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De Niro has been a vocal opponent of Trump.

"It's disgraceful this guy was allowed to get as far he has," said De Niro in an interview before the election. "I don't understand how people could be seduced into thinking this guy has an answer. He has no answer." In another interview, he said Trump was "totally nuts" and compared him to his Taxi Driver character.