Report: Nickelodeon’s Cody Longo Arrested for DUI

ET Online
Report: Nickelodeon’s Cody Longo Arrested for DUI

Cody Longo, star of Nickelodeon's high school series Hollywood Heights, was reportedly arrested on suspicion of DUI early Thursday morning in Los Angeles.

E! News quotes a rep for the 25-year-old actor as saying that he was booked on a misdemeanor charge and released.

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"This was an unfortunate misunderstanding," the rep told the network in a statement. "Cody takes it very seriously as his focus is music and acting. He has a great team whom he was with the whole night, and we are taking the next steps legally to clear this up."

Longo himself seemed to allude to the incident in a post Friday morning to his Twitter page. "Everything is fine. I Love you guys. Do not worry, stories always get exaggerated..." he tweeted. He then added: "WTF is wrong with people??"

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