'Real Housewives' Melissa and Joe Gorga Share Secrets for a 'Hot and Happy' Marriage

Michele Amabile Angermiller
The Hollywood Reporter
'Real Housewives' Melissa and Joe Gorga Share Secrets for a 'Hot and Happy' Marriage

Melissa and Joe Gorga hit the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards like rock stars for their first ever appearance at the Barclays Center Sunday night.

Perfectly coordinated in black, both Gorgas were styled to the hilt. But while Melissa said she spent the entire day preparing with visits from her hairdresser and makeup artist, how long did it take hubby Joe to get ready for the big event?

“Five minutes,” he laughed.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star took a break from feuding with sister-in-law Teresa Giudice and was clearly ready for a drama-free evening.  Dressed in a leather, zippered mini-dress and sporting lush and long eyelashes, Gorga had big news to share at the event: her new song, “Never Let You Go,” officially debuted on iTunes shortly after the big show.

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In addition to new music, Gorga was promoting her forthcoming book, Love, Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage, out Sept. 17.

So how do you keep a marriage hot? While Joe sweetly suggests “Respect,” Melissa shared a few secrets.

“Men are very visual,” she said. “They see with their eyes.”

Therefore, the mother of three says women have work to do.

“You need to shave your pits, and your legs,” she said. “Flirt with each other. Keep it young and fresh, even when you are together for years and years.”

Anything else?

“Sexy underwear,” said Joe.

One other thing keeping the Gorgas hot and happening: the songs of the summer. The couple admits that Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” is a favorite in the Gorga household.

“We’ve been jamming to it all summer long,” she said. “I won’t deny!”

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