Rare Tie on 'Survivor' Leads to Tears

Superfan TV

Wednesday's two hour episode of Survivor had an unexpected ending. After two warring sides chose their targets, the eight person tribe was deadlocked between Hannah and Zeke. After a re-vote the tie remained.

Jeff Probst explained that the tribe would have to unanimously vote one of their tribemates off. That wasn't in the cards for this contentious season.

The next step in the super rare occurrence was "going to stones." Because they couldn't control their own fate, the person leaving the tribe would be chosen at random. Hannah and Zeke were deemed safe as well as Jay and Ken, who had immunity.

Each of the remaining contestants drew a stone. A white stone meant that he or she was safe. Sadly, Jess drew the black stone and was sent home crying.

Amazed, Jeff Probst said, "Drawing rocks is the ultimate Survivor all-in move. With this many people making an all-in move, it says the rest of this game is going to be insane."