Ranking Dead: Ranking the Characters of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7, Episode 6

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Welcome back to Ranking Dead, where we give a power ranking of The Walking Dead characters after every episode and then tally up the points over the course of the season. This is how we’d rank the characters of Episode 6.

5) Heath

Heath's back! You remember him. (AMC)
Heath’s back! You remember him. (Credit: AMC)

It was ladies night on The Walking Dead so of course coming in at fifth is … oh, it’s a dude, Heath. Hey bud, welcome back. Corey Hawkins has been busy reinventing the rap game in Straight Outta Compton and is in the middle of saving the world in 24: Legacy, but we’re happy to see him here, refusing to leave Tara behind.

4) Beatrice

Beatrice certainly is tricky and kept Tara alive. (AMC)
Beatrice certainly is tricky, and she kept Tara alive. (Credit: AMC)

Listen, there was a limited amount of time to get to know any of these newcomers. We know that their men were killed by Negan, who — you know, I’m just going to say it — is a bad guy. We also know they live near the ocean and they eat fish. Pescatarians! We’ll give the spot to Beatrice because of her sneaky fishing boat question and her continual inability to kill the hour’s hero, Tara.

3) Natania

Natania seems like an evolved version of Maggie. (AMC)
Natania seems like an evolved version of Maggie. (Credit: AMC)

Natania is kind of the evolved version of Maggie’s Pokémon, no? She, like Maggie, has lost quite a bit of her family, has seen turmoil at the hands of Negan, and is clearly looked to as a leader. We don’t love that she sent Tara to her would-be death, but hey, we get it.

2) Cyndie

Cyndie's reluctance to kill innocent people is appreciated. (AMC)
Cyndie’s reluctance to kill innocent people is appreciated. (AMC)

Our runner-up this week is Cyndie, of course. We admire that she’s generally against the idea of killing any stranger she sees. Generous! Then she was part of the episode’s best action sequence, taking out those walkers who somehow all wound up in sand in the back of a truck.

1) Tara

Tara was a nice change of pace. (AMC)
Tara was a nice change of pace. (AMC)

Aside from managing to escape walkers and the Oceansiders, she brought a lot of levity to a show that needs it. Then, on top of that, she kept her word to Cyndie and didn’t reveal their location.

The worst of the week is that kid, Rachel. She’s just a little too murder-happy for our taste.

And now, our overall power ranking for Season 7. Remember, the higher you rank, the more points you get, and it adds up.

1. Negan (15 points)
2. Carl (9 points)
3. Daryl (7 points)
3. Maggie (7 points)
5. Ezekiel (5 points)
5. Simon (5 points)
5. Tara (5 points)
8. Rosita (4 points)
8. Carol (4 points)
8. Cyndie (4 points)
11. Morgan (3 points)
11. Dwight (3 points)
11. Michonne (3 points)
11. Natalia (3 points)
15. Jim Bianco (2 points)
15. Sasha (2 points)
15. Jerry (2 points)
15. Beatrice (2 points)
19. Sherry (1 point)
19. Shiva (1 point)
19. Rick (1 point)
19. Jesus (1 point)
19. Heath (1 point)

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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