Probation for former Miss Delaware Teen USA

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Melissa King

Melissa King, Miss Delaware Teen USA 2012
Miss Delaware Teen USA turned in her crown on February 26 after a graphic sex tape reportedly starring her and an unidentified man surfaced on a porn website. Although the 18-year-old insists the woman in the June 2012 video is “absolutely not” her (despite the fact that she talks about competing in pageants in it), King did relinquish her title nonetheless. Miss Universe head honcho Donald Trump said on February 27 that his organization did advise King to prepare a resignation letter “very quickly” because “it was nicer” than firing her.

OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) — A young woman who resigned as Miss Delaware Teen USA after an online porn video surfaced was given a year of probation Monday for underage alcohol possession in Maryland.

Melissa King, 19, appeared in Worcester County District Court in Ocean City on citations for the alcohol violation and a separate theft charge. King was cited in August after police found a bottle of rum in her father's truck, which she was driving home from work. Two months earlier, King was cited on a charge of stealing money from a city bus fare box, but prosecutors dropped that charge Monday because of doubts about their case.

King resigned her pageant title in February after the online sex video surfaced, but denied appearing in the video.

King smiled and greeted reporters Monday as she entered the courthouse, accompanied by attorney Greg Hannigan and a friend, saying she was doing "great." King declined to discuss the sex video and Hannigan said she would not answer any "rude or invasive questions."

After the brief hearing, Hannigan said the theft charge involved two $1 bus fares, for King and a friend, and the charge should have never been brought. King put the money in the fare box and then took it out after deciding not to ride the bus, he said.

King received one year of unsupervised probation on the alcohol citation and her friend, Dave Stout, paid about $140 to cover a fine and court costs.

Hannigan said after the hearing that King was "relieved." He explained that under the law as the driver she was responsible for the unsealed bottle of Captain Morgan rum found inside her father's truck after a police officer stopped King for a cracked taillight.

Hannigan told Judge Daniel Mumford that King has been accepted into college and plans to work somewhere on the Eastern Shore before leaving for college in the fall. After the hearing, Hannigan would not say where King plans to go to college, only that it was somewhere west of the Mississippi River. He said she plans to pursue a career in journalism.