'Price is Right' Selects Its First Male Model

Antoinette Bueno
The Insider
'Price is Right' Selects Its First Male Model

Boston native Rob Wilson is officially The Price is Right's first-ever male model on the show.

To clench the historic one-week gig, Rob competed in a series of challenges that aired on priceisright.com. Challenges included the male models having to show their excitement while uttering the famous line "Come on down," writing and singing original lyrics to The Price is Right's theme song, and having to frenetically change costumes (i.e. an excuse to check out the models shirtless). Rob eventually won in an online vote when the 26 finalists were narrowed down to three.

"There's a lot more than you really think there is," The Price is Right model Manuela Arbelaez told The Insider about what it takes to be the show's first male model at the auditions in Los Angeles in August. "It's not only about good looks, it's about personality. We need a guy with personality. The show is always moving, the audience is as loud as it can get, and we need a guy who will be able keep up with the three or four models that are already on the show."

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Manuela also made it clear that the lucky winner will have to go shirtless, which judging from the above photo, isn't a problem for Rob.

"I think I'm going to be wearing clothes on the show. I'm assuming, " he joked to TVLine.com.

Rob will begin his one-week gig on Monday, Oct. 15.

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The Price is Right airs daily at 10 a.m. on CBS.

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