Presidential Election 2016: End in Sight for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Voters Express Relief

Ted Johnson

The acrimonious, hyper-partisan race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump gave way to scenes of voters going to the polls on Tuesday, as some marked the historic moment and others expressed relief that it was all just about over.

In Rochester, N.Y., a local affiliate ran a Facebook Live feed of Susan B. Anthony’s gravesite, as a stream of voters put “I  Voted” stickers on her tombstone.

Some celebrities posted pictures on Twitter with their children. Among them was Patton Oswalt, who posted a photo with he and his young daughter and the message, “No way does she grow up in your slo-mo temper tantrum version of America, @realdonaldtrump.”

On Tuesday morning, Trump made one final call-in to a favorite show — “Fox & Friends” — to talk about the race.

“I’ve decided to vote for Trump,” he said, in a bit of deadpan.

But he also insisted that Clinton’s use of celebrities was to draw crowds — and he once again bashed Jay Z and Beyonce for their appearance on the campaign trail on Friday.

“The language was unbelievable that Jay Z and Beyonce used,” he said, adding that Clinton “would have been better off not having them.”

Later, after he voted in New York, Trump was asked whether he would concede if Clinton was called as the winner. “We’ll see what happens,” he told supporters.

Clinton, along with her husband, voted just after 8 a.m. ET at a polling place in Chappaqua, N.Y.

So far, the electoral process has been somewhat routine, with the usual scenes of long lines and scattered reports of machines breaking. An exit poll from Politico and Morning Consult showed that 85% of those surveyed said that they just want the election to be over.

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