'Predators' Co-Writer Tapped for 'Hellified' at Paramount (Exclusive)

The Hollywood ReporterDecember 17, 2012
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Michael Finch, who co-wrote 2010’s Predators, has been tapped to write Hellified, a supernatural action project set at Paramount and being produced by Di Bonaventura Pictures that is getting a new breath of life.

Originally picked up in June 2009 as a spec by Andy Burg, the story follows a strike force, comprised of criminals, that goes to Hell in order to stop the End of Days.

Second-unit director and stunt coordinator-turned-Red Dawn director Dan Bradley was attached at the time, when Hell was conceived as a CGI-created inferno overrun by demons.

The project has been scaled back in the vfx department (and with Bradley gone) to accommodate a more moderate budget and hell is now being envisioned as a ruined bombed out urban landscape.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian are producing.

Finch recently worked on American Assassin, an adaptation of the Vince Flynn novel, which di Bonaventura is producing with Nick Wechsler for CBS Films and that has Bruce Willis attached to star.

Verve-repped Finch is also penning, with frequent collaborator Alex Litvak, Hero Factory, based on the Lego toyline, for Universal.