POPsessions: David Henrie Wears the Pants, Because it Would be Illegal Not To

Adam Pockross
Content Producer
Movie Talk

You can really learn a lot about a person from the things they like (or dislike.)

We recently had the chance to learn a great deal about David Henrie, the star of small screen and big, when he talked to us about his pop culture obsessions, or as we like to call them, his PopSessions.

We spoke with Henrie over the phone to promote the home entertainment release of "Grown Ups 2," Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, and David Spade's family comedy about a group of old friends who return to their old ridiculous ways when Sandler's character moves back to their hometown. Henrie plays a frat boy, who, with the help of fellow meathead Taylor Lautner, bullies Sandler and company in the most hilarious of ways.

We quickly found out Henrie's not a bully in real life, but a really nice and funny guy with great taste in movies. Here's what else we discovered…

What was the first movie you saw?

David Henrie: Oh, man! Probably, a Disney movie like "Lion King" or something like that. I don’t exactly remember but I have a feeling it was one of those movies.

What movie makes you cry?

DH: "Lion King!" Gets me every time. When Simba sees his dad. Ooph, heartbreaker!

Who is the movie character you wish you could be?

DH: Growing up in an Italian family watching the Godfather, I probably always wished I could be Michael Corleone. Or Vito Corleone maybe. Yeah, the De Niro Vito.

What do you eat and drink while watching a movie in the theater?

DH: Oh, very specific combination: popcorn and Buncha Crunch and a Diet Coke. You gotta put the Buncha Crunch in the popcorn. If put the Buncha Crunch in the popcorn, you just got a fistful of joy the whole movie experience.

What's the TV show you never miss?

DH: I feel like I should answer this before Netflix, BN, before Netflix. Cause that’s when you had to actually tune in to watch a show, you know. I think BN it was a show called "Dragon Ball Z." This is when I was like 13 years old, 12 years old, and I would watch that show religiously. I wouldn’t miss an episode ever. That was probably the most fanatical I’ve ever been with TV. "Dragon Ball Z," and I am proud to say that.

What TV show would you like to live in?

DH: I would've liked to have been a part of "The Sopranos" world. Again, the whole Italian thing. I love that show and I would have loved to have been in that world, in that family. I would have been dead right away, but it would have been fun to live there for a little bit.

Who is your TV crush?

DH: Who is that girl? I can’t remember her name... I think she’s in "Vampire Diaries." She’s just a beautiful girl… Nina… Nina Dobrev! Yeah, she’s beautiful.

What is the guiltiest pleasure currently on your DVR?

DH: Oh, "The Voice," I’m loving it. Loving it. Loving it.

What TV theme song do you still remember the words there?

DH: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

What is your karaoke song?

DH: The song from "Anchorman." I can’t ever remember the name. The one that’s like...

Sky rockets in flight! ["Afternoon Delight"]

DH: Yes, that is my song. That brings the house down every time.

What is your favorite album?

DH: You know, I grew up to listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble. So, if I had to put something on that just like totally gets me, it's Stevie Ray Vaughan.

What was your first concert?

DH: Kenny Wayne Shepherd, the blues guitarist.

What song was playing during your first kiss?

DH: Oh, man! What a good question. There was no song. It was a birthday party of mine. It was at my birthday and it was a pool party. There was no song, but there were fireworks in my head.

So Sky rockets in flight again?

DH: Yeah. Sky rockets were in flight!

What website do you visit when no one is watching?

DH: Probably, justjared.com. Or when people are looking, it’s just a site that’s interesting.

What phone app do you use the most?

DH: Probably, Waze. Great, great app. Gets me where I need to go, around all the traffic. Love it.

Who is your favorite Tweeter?

DH: I like all the inspirational quotes ones, like inspirational sports quotes. I love just getting one of those so often. It’s just like a nice little thing to read, a good little boost for the day. I grew up an athlete in Arizona and played a lot of sports. So, I like reading the sports quotes things. It always gives me a good little kick in the butt.

What article of clothing can you not live without?

DH: Probably the ones you need the most, like underwear. Pants. You just need those. You need those to get through life. I'm going to answer this one literally: pants. Legally, you need pants.

What was on your favorite t-shirt growing up?

DH: It was a Gap shirt actually that had a bunch of letters all over it, but the prominent ones spelled G-A-P. Just the way they were formatted… it was really cool. And I wore it all the time, pretty much my entire sixth year of life is just that shirt in all the photo albums.

Did you have a poster of a celebrity on your wall as a kid or teenager?

DH: No, I did not. I had hockey players. I had Wayne Gretzky on my wall.

Have you ever dressed as a celebrity for a Halloween?

DH: I've dressed as movie characters but I’ve never been a celebrity. I was Bruce Willis from "Sin City" before.

What movie do you wish you could un-see?

DH: The past week or just my whole life? I’m trying to think of a movie that gave me a lot of anxiety and I really didn’t want to see. "The Exorcism!" Or any movie that had to deal with exorcisms or like demons and stuff like that. It’s just nightmares, and just unneeded anxiety that I just didn’t really want to do in a movie theatre. I’d rather laugh and go on a ride. All those genre movies, I’m just not into them at all.

What movie have you seen the most times?

DH: Oh, yeah, "The Godfather"s for sure. "The Godfather"s and "Forrest Gump." "Godfather"s, "Casablanca," and "Forrest Gump" I’ve seen many, many times.

What movie do you quote the most?

DH: "Godfather!" It's got so many great quotes. "Godfather" and "Scarface" probably.

What’s your favorite quote from Godfather?

DH: There’s a scene in the first one where the rich singer from Hollywood comes in and he’s asking Brando for some help to get a job. The singer starts crying. I forget his name…

Johnny Fontane!

DH: Johnny Fontane, there we go. He starts crying, and Brando slaps him and stands up and says, “You can act like a man! What’s the matter with you?” I think I slap one of my friends once a day and tell them that if they start complaining about anything. It's great. It works on brothers, family, this and that. If people start whining, it’s just so simple, “You can act like a man!” Then, if they say anything you’re just like, “It’s from the 'Godfather.' Brando.”

This is our final question and it’s an important one. What is your favorite Nic Cage film?

DH: Oh, man! I just watched like four in a row too. For some reason, I watched "Matchstick Men," "Adaptation," and "Leaving Las Vegas" like back to back to back for some reason, like on the plane or something. Anyway, I would probably say the one that I was most impressed with from him, "Leaving Las Vegas." That was the one that was shot in 16mm and he was the alcoholic, right? That or "Adaptation." He's done some awesome roles.

See David Henrie in the "Grown Ups 2" theatrical trailer: