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Fast 7

"Kurt Russell, such an honor to work with... P.s. One from set..." -- This pic provides our first look at Kurt Russell, the new recruit to the "Fast & Furious" series. We recently discussed how the star of "Death Proof" and "Escape From New York" was a perfect fit for the action franchise, though this pic comes as a surprise, since he, Diesel and series vet Paul Walker are dressed in suits. Maybe they just came from Hans' funeral? Things didn't look well for Hans at the end of "Furious 6" as he was seemingly blown sky high in his own car, courtesy of Jason Statham's Ian Shaw. There seems to be a lot of earnest intimacy going on in this pic ... is Russell playing someone's father? We just hope he gets to drive at some point.

Like 'Em: Vin Diesel's 'Fast & Furious 7' Facebook Photos

We like Vin Diesel. We like Vin Diesel movies. But we really like Vin Diesel's Facebook page. The dude really knows how to connect with his fans on social media … and offer a few potential spoilers along the way (no doubt to the chagrin of studio suits). After using Facebook to hint at his upcoming involvement in a Marvel franchise, the "Riddick" star has once again beaten the studio publicists to the punch by releasing a trove of pics from the set of "Fast & Furious 7," which is currently shooting in Atlanta. Thanks for sharing, Vin. We'll pay it forward here.