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Sacha Baron Cohen

Sasha Baron Cohen, kitchen acoustics. No matter their A-list status, actors had to audition for "Les Misérables," up for eight Academy Award nominations. Even Hugh Jackman, probably the best known among the cast for his stage work, sang three hours in a four-hour audition in a room that even casting director Nina Gold described as "really, really repulsive." So Cohen admitted he got off easy serenading director Tom Hooper in the actor's own kitchen. In fact, Hooper came to his house, with pianist and electric piano in tow and, as Cohen told Awardsline, asked him to sing tunes from "Fiddler on the Roof." After that, "Tom made me sing 'Master of the House' for him, which I thought terribly unfair because I hadn't prepared for it at all and hadn't really sung it since the age of 15 when I first saw it in the West End. It was the humiliation of having to sing a bunch of songs for Tom Hooper in my kitchen."

Unusual Auditions of Oscar Stars

Even A-list actors — who often feel their work speaks for itself — go through the stomach-churning Hollywood audition process for particularly juicy roles. Here are some tales of tricks, random acts of nudity, and peculiar challenges (fake blood?) that actors in Oscar-nominated films have undertaken in key auditions.