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Author Tom Clancy, who passed away on October 1 at the age of 66, had such a profound impact on publishing that his novels helped usher in a new genre, the "techno-thriller." It was inevitable that his gripping, cinematic prose would find its way to the movie screen, where his name was as big a draw for audiences as the A-list stars who played his characters (including Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman, who starred in 2002's "Clear and Present Danger"). Films based on his works have earned over $780 million worldwide, and a new take on his most famous creation is coming later this year. Take a look back - and a look ahead - at the films inspired by the late Tom Clancy.  (Photo by Getty Images/Paramount Pictures)

Tom Clancy's Cinematic Legacy

Author Tom Clancy, who died at the age of 66 on Tuesday, Oct. 1, saw his action-thriller novels adapted to the big screen several times. And the main character of his books, Jack Ryan, has been played by some of Hollywood's top leading men.