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Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts — "Blonde" — The famously blonde Australian actress has been attached to star as Marilyn Monroe in director Andrew Dominik's "Blonde" for a while, but the project only seems to be getting off the ground now that Dominik has finished with the Brad Pitt flick "Killing Me Softly." Based on author Joyce Carol Oates' novel, Dominik says he is planning a "sort of a Polanski, descent-into-madness-type movie" about the ill-fated starlet.

The actresses who portray Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe remains an enduring figure in film, television, and other

media. Every few years a new crop of talent tries to capture the life

or recapture the likeness of the enigmatic starlet in photoshoots, TV

movies, or high-profile biopics,  Here are a few fictional Marilyn

Monroes, past, present, and future. -- By Will Perkins