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Best for Lobster:
Lobster Cove, Maine

To savor a local delicacy in peace, hop a ferry from a mid-coast port to Monhegan, a square-mile hunk of rock, timber, and artist studios 10 miles off of mainland Maine. Stop at Fish House Seafood Market for a roll on your bike through the tiny village (cars aren't allowed on eco-friendly Monhegan) to Lobster Cove, on the southern tip; when you spot the rusty ribs of the old shipwreck, pick a big flat rock with a majestic view of crashing surf and dive-bombing seabirds. Sure, the undertow is deadly and the water frigid even in August, but that just means you won't have to share the scenery.

(Photo: Lobster: Amy Toensing / Getty Images)

The best beaches in America

Men's Journal

By Men's Journal

With a shoreline roughly four times as long as the equator, America has more than its fair share of beautiful beaches. There are so many excellent seaside strands that standing out from the sandy crowd requires a degree of specialization. That's why our list of the best beaches in the U.S. is not all about towel lounging. These beauty queens offer adventure, wildlife, and great food – because it's not enough to be beautiful if you don't nail the talent portion.

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