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8 Reasons Romantic Comedies Are Wrong About Love


Could solving a relationship problem be as simple as watching a rom-com? One study says yes. Scientists at Rochester University found that watching and talking about a romantic movie with a spouse might be as effective as couples therapy when it comes to reducing divorce and separation rates. "When couples observed fictional couples dealing with day-to-day problems and chatted about it, they were able to identify their own relationships' weaknesses,” lead study author Ronald Rogge, an associate professor of psychology, tells Yahoo Shine. In the study, participants watched five movies a month, and while most couples probably won’t have time for that much movie viewing, "just making a point to watch a romantic movie and discuss it afterward will help open the lines of communication," says Rogge. Although there may be wisdom buried somewhere (deep) inside a Jennifer Aniston flick, there are plenty of bad cinematic relationships we don’t recommend drawing inspiration from. Here are eight lessons not to learn from classic romantic comedies. — By Elise Sole, Shine Staff