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Real Monuments Men

May 1945, Austria --- Original caption: Yanks of the 7th Army unearth looted art treasures hidden by the Nazis. Here is a tray of valuable antique jewelry and a tray of ornaments, snuff boxes, etc. Holding up a piece of jewelry is Lt. James J. Rorimer of New York City. Holding the tray of snuff boxes is Sgt. Antonio Valin of Salida, California. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS  - Inset - Columbia Pictures

The Real Monuments Men

During World War II, Hitler threatened to decimate some of the world's most significant fine art. In response, the U.S. gathered experts in its Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives program to save the historic pieces. See photos from the real "Monuments Men" era and learn more on what happened. — by Meriah Doty