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Broken City

With the release of “Broken City” on Jan. 18, Hollywood has officially found their new go-to cop actor: Mark Wahlberg. Although the former Calvin Klein model and “Ted” actor has played his fair share of good guys over the years, the past decade or so of Wahlberg's career has been defined by a series of high profile police officer roles. "Broken City" marks the sixth time that Wahlberg has played an officer of the law (and he’s got a few more cop parts in the pipe), but does the actor risk getting typecast in this sort of role if he keeps playing gruff detective types?

Mark Wahlberg: Movie Cop

January 15, 2013

Mark Wahlberg plays a police officer yet again in "Broken City," out Jan. 18. Take a look at the actor's other cop roles. -- by Will Perkins

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