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UNSPECIFIED - CIRCA 1990: Photo of Kid n' Play (Photo by Raymond Boyd/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Kid 'n Play: From Then to Now

Kid 'n Play was not the first hip-hop act to make its way into the movies – "Krush Groove," featuring Run D.M.C., the Fat Boys, New Edition, and the Beastie Boys, arrived in theaters in 1985, and Run D.M.C.'s own movie "Tougher Than Leather" opened in 1988. But 1990's "House Party" showed that the comedic hip-hop act — that also spawned a dance craze — also had big screen appeal. They could deliver laughs along with beats and rhymes, Kid's high-rise fade gave them a visual trademark, and the story about two guys trying to sneak out for a big party had universal appeal. "House Party" was a hit big enough to spawn a franchise, and 23 years after the first movie in the series opened in theaters, Kid 'n Play are bringing back the hype with a fifth installment — "House Party: Tonight's The Night" (available now on DVD and digital download). Take a look back at Kid 'n Play's career and the "House Party" series. Give us a beat!             — By Mark Deming