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Hot Girl Movie Moments: Hits and Misses

Miss: Almost Every Female Actor in 'Grown Ups 2'

The sequel to the 2011 ensemble comedy has been reviled by critics for being stunningly slipshod and annoyingly adolescent, even for an Adam Sandler movie. In keeping with the film's seemingly non-stop sophmoric and scatalogical humor, it's not surprising that most of the female cast members are reduced to being simply objects to be desired and feared by the idiotic boys disguised as middle-aged men. Aly Michalka (pictured) and Paulina Gretsky are credited as 'Bikini Girl Savannah' and 'Bikini Girl Daisy,' respectively, and there are a handful of "Hot Cheerleader" moments. Even the wives are all sexed up: Salma Hayek is decked out in cleavage-revealing outfits, and Maria Bello looks all sweaty in a workout scene. Enough.

Hot Girl Movie Moments: Hits and Misses

July 12, 2013

Believe it or not, having a "hot girl" or "hot girl moment" in a movie isn't always a good thing. Like any filmmaking trope, there's an art to eye candy, and it's an element that's been as misused as it has been effective throughout the history of cinema. As "Grown Ups 2" goes overboard with gratuitous "hot girl" imagery, let's take a look at some other films that knew how to handle hot, and which ones left us cold.