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‘Hercules’ Kellan Lutz Takes Over Yahoo Movie’s Instagram

I'm taking over @YahooMovies from the top of the#EmpireStateBuilding. Get ready for it.

‘Hercules’ Kellan Lutz Takes Over Yahoo Movies' Instagram

‘The Legend of Hercules’ star Kellan Lutz had a busy Tuesday promoting

his new movie, and the former ‘Twilight’ hearthrob captured all the

madness on our Instagram. From ping-pong sessions between interviews at

Sirius XM and the five-pound gummy bear he received from Wendy Williams

(he’s a candy fan) to a trip up the Empire State building and front row

seats at the Knicks game, Kellan shared his exclusive snapshots with us.

The only thing missing were topless action shots. Blame the polar

vortex, but you can catch up on Lutz’s impeccable abs Friday when

‘Hercules’ hits theaters.