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Worst Fanny Ardant

Worst: Fanny Ardant

Well, at least Fanny Ardant accomplished one thing with her get-up at the premiere for "Bright Days Ahead" on Friday, Sept. 13: she taught us exactly how not to dress on the red carpet. While chic pajama-inspired shirts have become acceptable daywear, this goes way too far. That fur capelet takes things from bad to worse.

Best and worst red carpet style at TIFF 2013

Another year of TIFF has come to an end -- and this year's festivities seemed bigger and better than ever, especially when it came to red carpet fashion. But while we were awed by gorgeous sartorial picks, there were also some style picks that made us cringe. We round up the best and worst fashion choices from TIFF 2013. -- by TIFF Fashion & Beauty Bloggers