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Actors Who Just Missed Oscar-Caliber Roles

Daniel Day Lewis, Derek Jacobi, Anthony Hopkins

Actors Who Just Missed Oscar-Caliber Roles

In the category of juicy Hollywood roles, there are only two types of regrets: campaigning mightily for a part but not landing it, such as Bette Davis as Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone With the Wind," Kirk Douglas in "Ben Hur" (1959), or reportedly Jodie Foster and Angelina Jolie 

respectively as Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly 

in "Chicago" (2002).

The other qualm 

and maybe the one that stings more 

is rejecting a role that goes on to get Oscar love, be it the flattering nomination or the sweet win. Could Michelle Pfeiffer and Jodie Foster go on the lam as convincingly as Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis in "Thelma and Louise"?

What could have been? Here is a rundown of some famous Oscar near misses.