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Drew Barrymore

Worst lack of undergarments: Drew Barrymore The towering belle of the Leprechaun Ball, Drew Barrymore maybe could've gotten away with looking like she skinned someone's pool table in 2006. Going Gucci green wasn't as much of a sin as going braless, in a town where Spanx is a verb. Being a Barrymore, the Hollywood royal made amends by spoofing her own assets for "Saturday Night Live." As she told Elle, "I've gotten ripped plenty... I mean, I wore daisies in my hair to the Academy Awards once and people were vomiting on the floors, but that won't ever stop me. I love rolling with it."

Best and Worst Dressed of Golden Globes Past

Now the Golden Globes red carpet is basically a runway competition, in which stars totter and

pirouette in impossible heels and read their labels for the camera. And

frankly, that invites a kind of masochistic scrutiny, in which armchair

judges (like ourselves) rate the best and worst of the bunch. Air your

disagreements and favorites in comments — but with style,

please. -- By Vera H-C Chan, Yahoo

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