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The Hunger Games

For the role of Effie Trinket, the flamboyant coordinator who selects "Tributes" to compete, Elizabeth Banks underwent a head-to-toe transformation. Head makeup artist Ve Neill told People Magazine, "I wanted to completely blot out Elizabeth Banks's skin tone to give Effie that sort of Kabuki look." Then she airbrushed pink and lavender tones on top of the white base to match Effie's extravagant wigs and outfits. The process took around an hour and a half every day, but Banks told People that the most challenging aspect was her footwear. She said, "All of my shoes were completely amazing but highly uncomfortable."

'The Hunger Games' Actor Transformations

To create the world of "The Hunger Games" for the big screen, the cast of the movie had to completely change their looks to match how their characters were depicted in Suzanne Collins's bestselling novel.