Peter Facinelli Joins Dylan McDermott in 'Freezer'

Lucas Shaw
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Peter Facinelli Joins Dylan McDermott in 'Freezer'

Peter Facinelli has joined Dylan McDermott in the cast of "The Freezer," an upcoming action thriller from director Mikael Salomon. The film is shooting this month in Edmonton.

Facinelli, who appeared in all five "Twilight" movies as Dr. Carlisle Cullen, will play Sam, one of two men locked in an industrial freezer. McDermott plays Robert, Sam's freezer compatriot, a man impounded for stealing money he didn't even know existed. The two men join forces to fight their way out of the cold.

"Peter Facinelli will surprise a lot of people with this character," producer Lee Nelson said in a statement. "There is a subtlety and depth to his choices that keeps us guessing at every turn. It's something we haven't seen from him before, and it's truly exciting to watch." 

Yuliya Snigir also joined the cast

Nelson founded Envision Media Arts, the production company behind "Freezer" in 2002. Salomon, the director of " Freezer," worked as a cinematographer for decades before mixing in directing jobs as well. He directed a couple episodes of HBO's "Band of Brothers" and films such as "Hard Rain."

Facinelli, whose credits include "The Big Kahuna" and "Arc," is a regular on Showtime's "Nurse Jackie." 

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