PBS Partners With Singapore Studio for Development of New China Doc

The Hollywood Reporter

SINGAPORE — Singaporean production house Moving Bits has announced a new partnership with PBS and the China Intercontinental Communication Center (CICC) to develop and produce a six-part documentary series titled, The Eagle & the Dragon: Stories From Inside China. The announcement was made at the first day of conferences at the 11the edition of the Asia TV Forum and Market (ATF) in Singapore.

According to Moving Bits, which has offices in both Singapore and the U.S., the show will explore cultural elements traditionally associated with the United States — mega malls, luxury cars, a glamorous star-driven film industry — and show how the bling-iest forms of such cultural and economic phenomena are now to be found in contemporary China.

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“The basic premise is that if average Americans see the amazing ways China has developed — how modern and impressive parts of Chinese life are now — it will blow their minds,” said Moving Bits CEO Jay Soo. “This is the idea we took to PBS.”

Moving Bits will produce the series and CICC, which operates essentially as China’s answer to Voice of America, is funding the project.

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Soo says their partnership with CICC will allow them to go behind the scenes to portray the factories and ordinary lives that have driven China’s extraordinary growth, while posing such questions as: “Is this slave labor, or has this explosion of manufacturing lift[ed] the average Chinese out of poverty?”